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In 1997-98 Mehsana District is devided in to two parts Mehsana Patan. Mehsana district has 10 Blocks – Mehsana, Visnagar, Vadnagar, Kheralu, Satlasana, Vijapur, Kadi, Jotana, Unjha Bechraji.

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DIET (District Institute of Education and Training) College, Muzaffarpur Rambagh is recognized by Govt. of Bihar. We are devoted to the cause of providing educational and teaching ability for future generation by creating and nurturing institution with focus on professionalism and result oriented approach.

The Channel of the Mind. According to Ayurveda, substances and energies move throughout the body via distinct channels—both physical and energetic—known as srotamsi. Remarkably, one of the primary channels named in the Ayurvedic tradition is the channel of the mind, known in Sanskrit as mano vaha srotas. The fact that there is a channel.

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