Glasba Voronin, ko Leon poskušali shujšati

Andriy Viktorovych Voronin is a Ukrainian professional football manager and a former player. On 11 April 2009, following a retaliatory foul against Leon Andreasen of Hannover 96, he was sent off, receiving the 1000th red card in Bundesliga .Jul 7, 2012 Andriy Voronin, or the Asinine Ponytail, as he might have been known during his two-and-a-bit year stint at Anfield, isn't actually the worst .Jul 15, 2015 Andrii Voronin. Top scorer 1. Footballer of the Year 1. Date of Birth (Age): Jul 21, 1979 (39). Place of Birth: UdSSR Odessa. Citizenship: Ukraine.

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